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hey, y'all! 

Emma is an actor, voiceover artist, award-winning filmmaker, model, vegan foodie, and full-time optimist. When asked how to describe herself in one word at her high school interview (you read that right), her response was "intense." To this day, she loves telling stories of complicated, messy female characters.                                                 
She spends her days trying to learn Italian, practicing or teaching yoga, and wanting to like running so she can eventually run a marathon. She's a co-host of the podcast, Are These Books Drunk? - a book club with a twist. She resides (usually) in Brooklyn,  NY. She loves Trader Joes and Taco Bell & hates writing bios. 

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I'm Emma.

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upcoming work

Wrapped the latest Mack Brothers film in fall 2021, this post-apocalyptic short is making its debut sometime this year, and you won't want to miss this thriller!

The runner, 2022

'Inspira' marks Emma's directorial debut. This 6 minute short is an exploration of one woman living in 2020 with breath as the only soundtrack. Created with an all-female team, it won the Best First-time Filmmaker at the LA Independent Women Film Awards, and made its NY Debut with the Queens World Film Festival. 


Your book club with a twist! New Episodes every Thursday, these 3 ladies share discussions on a book while diving into personal stories along the way,  all whist sipping on a cocktail pairing for each Episode. Listen HERE!


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